Meet the Director

February 7, 2024

Laurence Brown (DipPFS) is one of the foremost experts in the UK advising on the NHS Pension Scheme, which is backed with over 32 years as a regulated Financial Adviser.

Laurence Brown

Laurence has been involved at all levels of the NHS pensions, financial advice and Organisational support to Boards, Executive Directors, Senior Directors, Management and Staff throughout the NHS.

Laurence has assisted many members of the NHS and Civil Service, from Facilities Staff to Trust Chief Executives and Directors at the highest level of the NHS and Public Health Leadership Teams. His in-depth knowledge of the NHS and Civil Service Pensions enables him to apply government legislation (and frequent changes) that impacts how organisations and their employees deal with career promotions, retirement, exit strategies, redundancy and redeployment of personnel.

As co-creator and leading the Pension Support Service a bespoke offering that helps NHS organisations to meet aspects of the NHS People Plan through educational programs he has designed and implemented. These have been backed up by his specialist Team to provide technical support for members of staff as well as the HR/Workforce and Finance departments in the increasing need to retain
the most experienced staff within the NHS.

Laurence is often been asked for his advice and input in wider issues that can impact an NHS Trust, their HR policies and financial standing.

Helping You

In his role as an Independent Financial Adviser his work has helped navigate the increasing complexities of the NHS Pensions, taxation issues that arise from high salaries, pay increments, promotions and awards.

For those that need his on-going help, his Wealth Management knowledge and experience ensures the best outcomes for income and capital are met and continually overseen to ensure it is preserved for them, further generations, extended family & charities.

Specifically, Laurence can assist with:

For Organisations

  • Implementation and running an integrated Pension
  • Support Service
  • TUPE & Redundancy Projects
  • Employee Pension Surgeries
  • Staff Presentations
  • HR/Payroll Pensions Support
  • Update and Key Information Communication Programs

For Private Clients

  • Wealth building and preservatio
  •  Wealth Management & Investment Portfolio Planning
  •  Pension and Income Tax Planning
  •  Estate and Inheritance Planning
  •  Retirement Planning and Cash Flow Modelling
  •  Exit, Phased and Return Strategies

I have been reflecting on our conversations and explorations this morning and it’s been fantastic to realise just how well you listened to my financial hopes and ambitions and how brilliantly you have come up with an initial plan that so fits with those needs!! Will look forward to seeing further iterations of those plans in due course!

Elaine: Exiting NHS Director


For Private Clients

0333 150 6083 / 07841 199288

For NHS Organisations

0333 150 6083 / 07841 199288