NHS Pensions

People in the medical profession have complex financial situations which need specialist advice. The NHS Pension, NHS sick pay entitlements, death in service benefits and ill health retirement require an in-depth level of expertise.

Our firm has a specialist division dedicated to advise on the NHS Pension Scheme.  We have advised thousands of medical professionals, at all levels of the NHS including the most senior members of the NHS national leadership teams.

As many people move within the Public Sector, or hold additional pensionable employment across the sector, our skill and knowledge has  extended to also help those with membership in MyCSP (Civil Service), USS (University) and LGPS (Local Government).

The introduction of pension taxation, reforms to contribution rates and the introduction of the 2015 Scheme have caused many members of the NHS Pension schemes to re-evaluate the worth of remaining a member. If you are an employee, we can provide you with a direct service to meet your specific needs and assess your individual circumstances.  For employer’s, we are able to offer our unique Pension Support Service specifically designed to assist HR departments educate and help staff with NHS pension queries.

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